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    1. She caught between time and space, where the dimensions have no past nor no future. Both legal beings (Sam Owens and Sam Adams) occupied the same body of Ms Sam Adams in this dimension.

      Good luck, Dr. Franklin πŸ™‚

  1. So, here’s my $.02

    1) The Redvolution Sam has to make an appearance in our timeline…the social commentary alone on our fucked up world will be priceless…not to mention I can’t wait to see how she reacts to Zed, Skye, etc in our timeline.

    2) Given how the women are dressed…really looking forward to Jan…HELLLLLLO JAN, ARE YOU OUT THERE? I wonder what her role in the brave new timeline is?

    3) And of course, Skye the evil queen…what an interesting character study that will be…

    The buildup of tension is reaching the boiling point….Oh, and seriously, Damon (Dr. Franklin) seems to be handling himself quite well, considering. I would have been VERRY reluctant to hand Sam any clothes at all…the fact that he can still drink his wine without spilling it as his eyes wander over that wonderful sight is a magnificent achievement.

  2. First, I’m having problems with this whole time-space continuum thing. I guess you don’t know the players with out a program. Or better yet a calendar on the wall to tell what time frame we are in. Also this is just a minor observation but the rendering of Sam’s inguinal muscles make her look a wee bit paunchy or even pregnant and I really think Chris likes to draw titties and I’m all for that.

    “There is no second.”

    1. WOW…I didn’t even know what the hell inguinal muscles were..something else I have learned from this august group of commenters. πŸ™‚

      I would definitely vote for a program with each character in the REDVOLUTION timeframe..of course I figure that’s part of the fun…finding out how our timeline characters fit into the alternate world.

      My imagination runs wild….

  3. I get the feeling Chris has discovered Philip K. Dick.
    You want your mind twisted up trying to figure out what’s going on? Read Ubik.
    When you think you know what’s happening, read it again.

  4. Much like the Creator of our world, the creator of this one may know the future is pre-ordained but He and he don’t care to share, which of course would tie Him and him to a script…which is already written but still subject to His and his editing. We are not meant to know or follow that but just to enjoy what is uncovered and unfolds. πŸ˜‰

  5. Drat!, Was hoping for a new one today, got spoiled with the 3rd week of January.

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