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  1. WOW, fantastic artwork.

    However, I am now totally confused and intrigued. Sam spins a hell of a yarn….and looks DAMN good while doing so.

    Thanks for the Friday gift.

  2. Yay!, New strip up!!1! Whoa!, thats a big ol’ booty! Eagerly awaiting the appearance of the “Foul Queen”!

          1. Ahhhh, ok, I get it now. too much blood in my caffeine system.

          2. Ms Adams needs to keep digging, maybe she’ll find a solar powered recharger!

    1. Well, it fits…high tech would be a tool of the SJW overlords…after all all those high tech companies are filled with billionaire hypocrite liberal fascists.

  3. Obviously a proggy has somehow traveled back in time in an attempt to subvert The Revolution in its infancy.

  4. Interesting. We know this is actually today, in a different dimension. One would think a cell phone would be a known quantity to Sam. Hmmmm. Keep going, Chris. This could be quite a fascinating alternative time line.

  5. He’s from an alternate timeline, a’ la The Probability Broach? Or do the Aristos keep the high tech, along with other perks and luxuries for themselves, while the peasants live in 18th-Century squalor?

    Zar Belk!

    1. Right second time. Odds are the “high tech” is imported. A kid in a mud-hut village in Burkino Faso today can have a solar-powered laptop, but it’s made in Japan.

      Of course, in this world, Japan is probably still firmly in the grip of the Tokugawa shogunate, so it’s more likely from somewhere in Europe.

      Odds are that the equivalent of Brattain and Shockley were French.

      clear ether


    1. Oblique shades of Warner Brothers Animation’s evil genius, Vandal Savage, Laptop Computers, The Justice League, The Black Hawks, Steve Trevor, Sgt. Rock and Germany possibly winning WWII!

      Redvolution has potential!

    1. I’d settle for a C-96 Mauser with holster/stock and metric buttload of 7.63 Mauser ammo, its a Pistol!, its a short barreled rifle! and pretty damned steam punk looking to boot! Still hunting for an original caliber upper/barrel to make my Red 9 multi-caliber.

      1. And the favorite weapon of Tom Adam’s ‘The Second Best Secret Agent In The Whole Wide World’.

        And world renown adventurer, big game hunter and cloned Super Hero, Paul Kirk in Walt Simonson’s and Archie Goodwin’s award winning DC Comic’s ‘Manhunter’ series of the mid 1970s.

        Though, Paul also had a Bundi Dagger and Shurikens as close in, back up weapons.

    2. If he used a handgun people would notice it when he shot, and then they would see the newer technology. The smartphone can be used in secret.

  6. If you need, want, require and desire to have total dominion over people, control their access to travel, knowledge and technology. I’d say that is the case here.

    1. Many were. For a lot of people, converting their Navy .36 or Army (or Dragoon) .44 would be a lot cheaper than buying a new Peacemaker (conversion was offered by Colt at the same time the Peacemaker was put on the market).

      In 1895, Dallas Stoudemire, marshal of El Paso, packed a couple of converted Army. 44s. Bill Hickok had his .Navy .36s converted, as well, and was carrying one of them the night he was shot..

  7. Pretty sure this was in color the last time I saw it, must be my brain tumour actin’ up again.

  8. “Chris Muir
    October 28, 2017 at 3:27 am

    This actually makes more sense as it is a night scene.

    Either this indicates there really IS a time machine in this strip or you’re on the western edge of Greenland somewhere (or the timestamp is wrong?). It was 1:27 AM here in Ohio USA when I read this initially…….

      1. I was out of town with no connection. Just got back. WOW!!!!!! I love the new REDVO! But, I really love the ability to see it in both versions. It is like seeing it in it’s artistic viewpoint, then being able to see it in full color. Again, WOW!!!! Well done Chris! Please keep up the Great work.

  9. There was a problem with percussion cap and ball vs. metallic cartridge. Reloading cap and ball cylinder was much slower, than loading the metallic cartridge cylinder. However, simply swapping out cap and ball cylinders was much faster. Many kept multiple cylinders like we keep speed loaders for the revolvers, today.

  10. So reading today’s (OCT 29) strip, I can’t help but wonder if there can’t/won’t/shouldn’t be some sort of cross-over between DBD and REDVOLUTION..Damon’s comment in that last panel and those huge storm clouds make me wonder.

    Kinda like my favorite cult time travel movie–The Final Countdown. Loved the scene of the F-14s shooting down those Jap Zeros.

    OOOO, can I say Jap?

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