It’s Time.

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    1. I read that he also liked to help himself to the black female staff in the White House. I didn’t get the impression it was all consensual, either.

    1. I prefer “progressives” since it’s what they’ve called themselves off-and-on for over a century. It also divorces their philosophy from any ostensible restriction to any single political party.

      To quote something my mother once said, there are just as many progressives calling themselves Republicans as there are that openly admit that they’re Democrats.

      All that really maters is a belief in their own superiority and “innate fitness to rule”. Plus the associated loathing of anyone they perceive as different, let alone willing to say “no” to them. The latter bit usually triggers their instinct to kill.

      clear ether


  1. obama…..the only man ever elected for the color of his skin versus the content of his character….a failed experiment that I hope will not be repeated in the future….you want to run Condie Rice, you have my vote….sorry to say, that’s about it….Johnson was right…..the perception that the democrats passed his agenda, when it was they who were resisting, was enough to turn over the blacks who weren’t paying attention….that is how blacks broke from the Republican party….slowly but surely I think some might be seeing the truth of it….not fast enough though….

    1. Sorry, noncom, but I believe that from the left’s perspective, Obozo very much a SUCCESSFUL experiment. Not only did they succeed in get a candidate elected based solely upon his ethnicity, but they got a NON-CITIZEN of totally undocumented education elected. Additionally, they proved that they could commit multiple types of vote fraud with impunity. I don’t see how it could be called a failed experiment. Even in Hildabeast’s loss they proved that could commit vote fraud to the tun of MILLIONS of popular votes.

  2. Why is Zed wearing “hipster” pants? And why are the agents of doom still looking at the white meat? Could it be she’s packing a little “heat” and they are just trying to decide who is going to be expunged first? Or are they too simple to know what to do with out being first told? Decisions, decisions, inquiring minds got’s to know.

    Peach Bowl Bound

    1. While it may have been true that there were no (known?) Republican slave owners, the fact that the Republican Party was known as the Abolitionist Party certainly doesn’t (and didn’t) mean every Republican agreed with that part of their platform. I imagine they “had them some RINOs” even back then who might have approved of slavery.

  3. Hi, Chris! Listen, I’m digging the “Revolution 1776” strip, but the somewhat erratic posting is driving me nutz, cuz Id like MOAR! Not trying to flame, but am curious if you’re shooting for a regular schedule, or simply as the spirit moves ya?
    I love both strips, in Any case! Please keep up the good work! I need all the smiles I can get, here “behind the lines” in Md….. Thanks for your efforts!

    1. I think its pretty much as the Muse visits, the stylus moves, tho, it would be kinda nice to have a throbber/drudge style flashing light/flaming skull on the DxD page that serves as a notifier that there is a new RedVo strip up. Just out loud thinking Chris, not bitchin’.

        1. Well, I’d like to see something flashing…maybe not a light…but something that would attract our attention that a new toon is up

  4. The Democrats have an open society slave breeding program. They will breed all to be voter slaves. No need to produce real wealth or physical product by the slaves when the votes to enslave the product producers is all they need or want. Control is the product they desire.
    No breeding to go to the stars by those Democrat breeders.

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