Point Five.

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  1. Interesting she asks what kind of dogs… got to be wondering if they are the Boston Dynamics variety or actual canines.

    Steam punk incarnations or small terriers?

  2. When and where does “The Kessel Run” begin?

    And “parsecs” measure distance. Not time.

    Just want to keep things above board.

    1. Yes they do… I’ve hated that quote since I heard it on the big screen as a teen… Thank you for mentioning it.

    2. In Sci-Fi “theory,” travel in hyperspace does not occur on a smooth curve (akin to a great circle route in traditional navigation) because of all the objects you would run into that would ruin your day.

      The time to complete a journey was as much a function of the power of a navigation computer to compute the shortest path around a multiple moving body problem, as a function of the thrust of the engines.

      Then there is the whole issue of whether two objects, or a target and the weapon you fired at it were “in phase” or not, as well as the fact that time is relative, particularly for objects moving at different speeds greater than the speed of light.

      With all of the galavanting around in Star Wars and Star Trek, the characters should have ended up at vastly different physiological ages.

      Fiction is hard, reality is much easier.

      Which is why suspension of disbelief is so critical. Well, that and lots of weapons of mass distraction. 😉

  3. Chris:

    Ya know, this would be just a bit more scenic if Skye was to have a wardrobe malfunction or two. An upcoming scene so steaming she was to shed a few layers from the reflected heat. Asking for a friend.

    War Damn Screaming Eagle

    1. Sure looked like a Martini in previous iterations. Like the scope though.

      War Damn Jarhead Eagle
      Rip Gunny

  4. Ah. I thought Sam’s objection here was that Skye had Naomi (or whatever her name is here) making cultural references to the “Dukes of Hazzard.”

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