The Falcon.

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  1. Interesting, Stanley steamer type or some sort of Fischer-Tropsch thing? She’s got it where it counts, It can make the Springfield run in 12 days!

  2. Memo to Damon and Mr. Muir:

    “It’s not a “Junk” until after it’s been hit by explosives.

    Until then at’s a Steam Punk Ironclad “Sampan”.

    ^Apologies to an old Jay Ward ‘Rocky & Bullwinkle’ cartoon.*

    1. On this time-line, something not exploded will first become junk. In it’s next stage it’s ‘Junque’ and eventually it becomes an antique.
      Marketing. Pfui.

  3. Compared to a Barracuda, not exactly impressive. Compared to Cugnot’s steam artillery tractor, it’s practically a Model T Ford. And yes, that is intended as a compliment.

    clear ether


  4. The other Star Wars fans beat me to the punch but I’ll still add my 2 cents “You came here in that? You’re braver than I thought!”

  5. I’m getting old and 9gagaOvie9 must be my eyes or something wrong with the computer; i seems that a lot of the strips are in the dark Is 9gagaOvie9 me or my computer? Or do just not understand the story?

    1. Kick your monitor brightness or gamma up a tad, one of my monitors sees it all fine, the other one often looks like everything is in the dark.

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