Top Down!

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  1. Or maybe it’s just women being comfortable with being women (Heinlein’s version is a good model): strong and feminine.

  2. Seriously? I can’t imagine Zed is complaining about the amount of skin?

    Cuz we aren’t. 😉 Your loyal readers enjoy all the visual goodness, don’t we?

    However Sam has a point…imagine 241 years of unchecked feminism {SHUDDER}…I mean, most of the rabid femi-Nazis I see spouting the venom on TV should not, repeat, NOT go around with their tops off.

    Sam and the other DBD gals…well, that’s an entirely different matter.

    1. “most of the rabid femi-Nazis I see spouting the venom on TV should not, repeat, NOT go around with their tops off.”
      And thankfully, they don’t.

    1. I think the Left has been stretched to the limits when it comes to support and there is not enough flexibility to rebound. Headin’ South of the border into udder territory.

  3. Sam,

    You still owe Zed an explanation for your “Married men never call back” comment.

    He’s not going to let that one go.

  4. And Chris? if there are to be Pelosi, sHrillary , Mad Maxine or other unattractive Democrat analogs in this reality, we won’t be seeing any of that skin right?

      1. Why would you want to go and break the Internet like that. On the other hand, you would prove that machines have feelings, too.

  5. I seem to recall there being a naked sHrillary in one of the past ‘toons at the mother strip, put me off my feed for a month.

  6. Now if you did that with the DBD gals, that would make an awesome fundraiser prize!

    The others, well I hear Gitmo is still open, nudes of those hags may work better than waterboarding!

        1. For Gitmo Creative Torture you wouldn’t even need a nude of Empress Rodham (and we still don’t know which of the 27 genders “she” self-identifies as) – just megablast her voice on continuous replay into the cages. Instant hell…

          1. Stairs still seem to elude her. Did the slip-n-slide thing in India even with 2 men holding her up.

          2. Maybe she’d had a bit too much Bombay 😉 I haven’t looked yet but I bet somebody has already done an edit of the clip with added Yakkity Sax goodness.

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