Valley Gurl.

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    1. Can we get some stockings and thigh high boots to go along with the bustier?

  1. It’s why great-grandma and great-grandpa had 13 kids.

    Unlacing those things was like Christmas morning. Opening everything got you crazy once you figured out what it was.

  2. So the goodies are lifted and presented and everything is left visible…I approve. The red goes well with the hair too.

  3. What’s all this about bustiers? All’s I see is that fine bootier…

    Yeah, I’m an Ass Man.

    Butt you knew that.

    Still, wouldn’t mind a good look at that valley, gurl.

    1. Like that scene in “Thunderball”:
      Girl in bathtub: “Well, give me something to put on!”
      Bond (wordlessly) hands her her shoes.
      Girl: (If looks could kill!)

      Zar Belk!

  4. Her undercarriage is of course still exposed. I take it “whores” in this timeline prefer to have customers wonder if the “carpet matches the draperies”?

  5. Chris I’m conflicted. On the one hand it IS Sam, who is married etc. On the other ‘physically’ it’s her alter ego who is fair game.

    Is drooling allowed?

    1. An earlier strip sez it has to do with proximity to the purloined iPhone, not sure where the alternate reality Ms Adams is , maybe no where since the alternate reality is our Sam’s book.

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