A Trip Downriver.

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  1. Sunny side up????

    Sorry, bad movie thoughts “Sunny side up and Sunny down.”

    like the last frame!

    Merry Christmas

    1. I’d say from the jacket, Sam had been wearing before it was taken from her, flying through the air that Tunk Tunk just kicked Chuff Chuff’s ass1

      1. Yep. 30-pound powder charge driving 32-pound solid shot. POW! right through the side armor and then either into the boilers or the powder magazine KRAK-A-BOOM! Even more lethal if the Gadsden Flag side has developed time-delay fuses for explosive shells.
        By the way, GREAT artwork today, Chris

        Zar Belk!

  2. Wowza…Sam was definitely between a rock and a hard place there.
    Doesn’t look seriously injured just stunned…or stunning…or both.
    Noticed she did get the coat back…hopefully still with the gadget inside.

  3. I’ve been having a tough time following the storyline. Probably because the strip isn’t daily (barely once a week), and I’m struggling to filling in the gaps in the storyline. But if I get to see Sam/Red in various positions of nakedness, I’m good. πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ˜† Especially given that my real life “Sam/Red” has been emotionally and mentally out to lunch for the past month or so. Suffice it to say that 2018 will usher in big changes for me. *sigh*

    Anyway… Keep up with this strip, Chris! I need this fantasy to distract me from my reality right now.

    1. Probably because Chris just likes to draw Sam in the nude and then has to make up a storyline to go with the illustrations he’s created — so he probably drew this at the end of last month and then finally found a way to work it in….

      1. Wait, are you saying that Chris likes gratuitus tits and ass in his artwork?

        Perish the thought, sir…I have always observed that Sam nakedness (and Jan nakedness, etc.) is always integral to the story line.


        Ok, maybe Chris does like to draw Sam naked a lot…but hey, it’s his artistic license, after all.

        1. “Wait, are you saying that Chris likes gratuitus tits and ass in his artwork?”

          Do bears bear? Do bees bee?

          Last I heard, Chris was a Constitution-lovin’, gun-totin’, God-fearin’, red meat-eatin’, beer and whisky-swillin’, red-blooded, flaming heterosexual American male. Just for the sake of conversation, what part of that description would suggest that he doesn’t like “gratuitous tits and ass”?

          That being said, the rest of us LOVE gratuitous tits and ass, and in addition to all of the other sterling qualities mentioned above, Chris is also a hardcore capitalist, which means that he aims to please his market with his product.

          Gotta love the guy….

          1. That’s what Makes America Great!
            Beer, Boobs, Bacon, and Guns….not always in that order πŸ™‚
            Yes, I have always found the Chris understands his audience well…..heh…he always adds just enough TITillation to keep things interesting….

            And we thank him for it.

    1. 11 inch? I wish.
      Chris that’s the loveliest pair of water-wings I’ve seen in a long time.
      Great cameltoe, as well.
      Just superb.

    1. Standard. 30 pounds was the battering charge. 15-inch used 35 pounds standard with 330-pound solid shot.

      (Arms and Equipment of the Civil War, Jack Coggins, 1962.)



    1. Just a mere artistic device I suspect, feet are hard to draw!, tho I am kind of surprised that a dramatic hand and arm over the side dragging thru the water wasn’t used.

        1. Heh, if you squint real hard, you can kinda sorta see it there above the boobage…

    2. Remember Sam was squatiing in the page before looks like she fell over backwards with her legs under her thus being barely able to see her left calf.

  4. The dark, low contrast backgrounds are hard to make out, but it appears the monitor was the shooter, and the ironclad was the shootee.

        1. Heh.
          I’m guessing that chest would not compress much.

          However, I would be willing to arm wrassle you to find out.

  5. I like the fire effects and the reflections on the water, but would have expected some reflection around the flaming board at 11 o’clock. As for the flaming broad… Art keeps evolving in a positive manner.

  6. She still appears Shipshape and Bristol fashion to me.

    Bristol got the ships of the line of the Royal Navy in the best shape for putting out to sea for extended voyages. For all ships the wide tide range would force them to be in good order and able to rest on their keel at low tide, or set on their sides and ready to sit back up when the tide turned after handling the stress.

    Fine shape there. Very fine shape.

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