Force It.

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        1. I don’t think it was empty, it was just that the targets weren’t there.

  1. I’m sure the Kraken are as confused as the rest of ux.

    On the other hand, Mordor-on-the-Potomac being run by a Magic 8-ball, whether in our reality or in Redvolution, explains a great deal.

  2. Once more, we see that not only does a Smith &Wesson beat five aces, a Colt 1860 Army .44 beats dumb almost as well as a Blastech DL-44.

    Hmm. A Lewiston Mk 23 or DeLameter would come in handy on that rowboat about now.

    clear ether


    1. Blastech DL-44?, hmmm, yes, maybe it should be done! I keep waiting for a steampunk version of a Lemat Revolver to show up!

      1. what the crappity crap?, whole damn sentence missing in there, (bob gazes at shooter grade Red 9 on shelf…)

    1. I was thinking maybe done on one of those Benihana grill table things, you know, parked right next to the little onion volcano?

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